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Why Top Up Service?

do you have a local SIM card that you need to put minutes on?

do you need to put minutes on your phone faster, safely and in a more fun way?

do you want your family and friends to call you; and call you cheaper that it is for to call them?

then continue reading...

What is Top Up Service?

Top Up Service is a AirTime Credit Transfer Service for you to use to send Credit Amount in Local Currency to Loved Ones
back home in old country for them to use to make calls through their local mobile network to call you or others. Airtime
Credit is a prepaid mobile credit that can be purchased at this web site.

It is Safe, Easy to Use and Lowest Cost Way

to send small amount of credit and it enables you and the loved ones to achieve additional great savings. In many developing
countries, one can make calls from one's mobile handset through the local mobile operator to USA, Canada and EU countries
at per minute rate that is much lower than what it costs to call in the other way around (in the opposite direction).

The saving in terms of price difference in per minute rate can be as much as 50%.


How to Top Up

1. Select Country
- Go to Select Country.
- Select the country of the mobile phone number that you want to top up.

2. Enter Phone Number
- Enter the mobile phone number that you want to top up, beginning with the country code.
- Enter your own phone number.

3. Choose Amount
- Select the top up amount. The price in USD will be displayed.
- Input the characters in the picture.
- Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
- Click Top Up Now.
- Click OK to confirm the destination number, top up amount, and price.

4. Login
- Login or create an account if you do not have an account yet.

5. Securely Pay
- Pay by credit card or Paypal account through Paypal.

6. Email Confirmation
- Look for an email confirming the top up purchase. (The recipient will receive a SMS message about the top up.)


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